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icon Jan 25, 2024

The Best 5G Phones of 2023-2024



Wireless technology has revolutionized the world, making it more connected. The fifth iteration, or 5G technology, has demonstrated how it can completely change communication networks.

Better speeds, lower latency, and a lot of other advantages in the 5G scheme of things are bound to open up and enable a lot of new and even existing technology. 5G networks offer quicker connections compared to 4G and 3G.

While 4G capacity established connections at 30 milliseconds and 3G did it at 100 milliseconds, 5G does that in just about a single millisecond, which is a remarkable improvement in every sense.

Many companies have started deploying 5G in either a trial setup or a commercial setup already, and the benefits are showing up for everyone with immediate impact. While there are multiple use cases of 5G deployment, mobile broadband currently leads in enabling high-speed data transfers across mobile devices.

5G brings more than just broadband to the table: AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, medical care, and more such emerging technologies get increased control with proper connectivity and high internet speeds.

But, that’s all on the technology front. For everyday users like us, our smartphones really matter to us, given how crucial a part they have become in our lives. With 5G technology, smartphone manufacturers have also been in a race to accommodate the new bandwidth and also make it a USP at the same time.

If you are looking to get into the 5G scheme of things with a new smartphone, then you are at the right place.

However, even if you’re not looking for a new 5G phone and are here to just browse around, then too you can avail the benefits of 5G speeds. Just switch over to Mach1 Broadband today!

Key Features to Look for in a 5G Phone

If you’re planning to get a 5G smartphone for yourself, there are a few important features that you need to ensure are available in all the options you’ve shortlisted.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Number of Supported Bands Supported Bands A very important thing when it comes to selecting the right 5G smartphone is the number of bands that are supported. Without delving into the technicalities, phones that would support upwards of 10 5G bands are the phones you should pick.
  2. Look for a Recently Launched 5G Smartphone Launched 5G Smartphone This is another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a 5G smartphone. The latest 5G smartphones will give you better chipsets with full support for 5G speeds, extensive coverage, and great efficiency.
  3. Speed and Latency Speed and Latency When you say that a smartphone supports 5G, speed and latency, that is, the network speed with which messages get transmitted from one device to another holds a lot of importance, because speed is what 5G is all about.
  4. Compatibility and Coverage Compatibility and Coverage This again has to do with the support for bands that we talked about. Apart from the number of bands, look for 5G chipsets that support sub-6Ghz and mmWave, and you’ll really be happy with the device you get.
  5. Battery Efficiency Battery Efficiency 5G offers a huge boost to the internet speed, but that speed also requires compatible hardware at the same time. That’s why going with a 5G phone with a bigger battery capacity will always be better, as your phone will be able to last longer.

Switching to Mach1 Broadband can offer you a great balance between hardware and your broadband speed, giving you the best of both worlds, effortlessly.

Top 5G Phones

We have compiled a list of the best 5G phones that are available in the market today. This list is in no particular order and includes devices that offer some great capabilities in their own right.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra When it comes to the top 5G phones, no list is complete without the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy series, and here, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Other than a slight price bump, it also boasts of upgraded internals.
  2. Apple iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Apple does a pretty fine job of clearing out some of the glaring wrinkles from last year’s iPhone 14 Pro and gives us a fine latest iteration. It also comes with cutting-edge 5G capabilities, so it’s a fair place to keep it in.
  3. Google Pixel 8 Google Pixel 8 Carrying a few subtle changes over from its 7th iteration, the Google Pixel 8 brings Android’s stock and smooth experience with some big changes under its hood. One of the best Android options, and that’s saying something.
  4. Vivo x100 Pro Vivo x100 Pro With a distinct curved-edge design, Vivo x100 Pro is a unique smartphone in many ways and a testimony that Vivo can really pull something amazing this substantial from its arsenal. It boasts of a 5G chipset too, making it a part of our list.
  5. One Plus 11 One Plus 11 Similar in a lot of aspects to the 10 Pro 5G, the biggest change in One Plus 11 is the camera module, which is now circular instead of square. Most of the things, apart from the module, are very subtle in their changed form factor.

Pros and Cons Based Upon User Experience

Pros and Cons

1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


  • A gem of a display. Samsung has been getting the displays right for quite a few years now, and this one doesn’t fail.
  • With tactile buttons gone, the S-pen is sharper than ever offers near-instant feedback and succeeds without any competitor.
  • The battery life is excellent, and when you combine that with their use of eco-friendly materials, things become all the more premium.
  • The camera is top of the game, and you won’t find a smartphone to beat its zooming capability.


  • Giving Dolby Vision a miss is a shocker, rather than a surprise, given the price point it comes at.
  • The design changes are subtle, and not substantial.
  • The size and weight of the phone might not be suited to you if a handy phone is your preference.

2. Google Pixel 8


  • A compact, powerful phone with dust and water resistance to boast.
  • A colour-accurate and super-bright 120Hz OLED panel.
  • A great camera with the typical Pixel character that is still unparalleled.
  • 7 years of out-of-the-box support for OS updates.


  • Some software updates are limited to certain countries.
  • The ultrawide camera is not the best in class and is pretty underwhelming in low light.
  • No dedicated telephoto lens. It’s a big miss given how complete things could’ve become.
  • A largely unimpressive battery life without a charger in the box.

3. Apple iPhone 15 Pro


  • Supreme levels of power-packed performance without a doubt.
  • A very beautiful display with an equally impressive camera setup.
  • Now comes with a USB-C and the same tested Apple build quality.


  • Reports of inconsistent durability from users.
  • Apple hasn’t been breaking new ground in terms of design for some years now.
  • Too many instances of extreme overheating, and no charger in the box too.

4. Vivo x100 Pro


  • A very refreshing design, maybe Apple needs to take a leaf off its book.
  • An excellent display of the phone that’s a gem.
  • A good, stable smartphone that just works with great stability.
  • A superb camera, with a telephoto lens for subjects near and far.


  • A few colour options can be a little slippery to hold.
  • The selfie camera, given the quality of its primary camera, is a huge miss from Vivo.

5. One Plus 11


  • A very distinctive design with a great, ergonomic balance.
  • The 120Hz LTPO3 AMOLED screen is just drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Absolutely brilliant battery life and the 100WSuperVOOC is unrivalled.
  • The camera experience is overall brilliant.


  • One Plus needs to give Oxygen OS a genuine identity of its own. It’s just mostly limited to colour.
  • Adaptive refresh rates and HDR don’t complement each other in tandem.
  • No wireless charging in this one!


There are a few things that can’t be discounted: the next public deployment of a network speed more than 5G will take a considerable amount of time globally. This is why you’re not really missing a trick if you get one of the powerful 5G smartphones that we talked about above.

Mach1 Broadband, in a very short time, has become one of the leaders in offering powerful 5G broadband connections to its users. Give them a call and enjoy broadband on your laptop or one of the 5G devices that you buy!

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