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icon Nov 30, 2023

9 tips to How to boost internet speed on mobile instantly



How to boost internet speed on mobile?

Can you wait 30 seconds to load the next reel while scrolling? The answer is “NO”. Because we are living in a world where the internet works at the speed of light.

In the era of 5G, remote working, browsing, live streaming, gaming, online shopping and video calling; low-speed internet can be frustrating.

You must have ended up in such situations where speed is slower than the tortoise on your mobile devices and the first question that comes to your mind is “How to increase wifi speed in Android mobile”.

Mach1 broadband has the solution for your problem for a seamless browsing experience within seconds.

How to boost internet speed on mobile?

  1. Check the Network Strength
    Before going ahead with any tweaks or optimization, check the strength of your network signal.
    Weak signals often speed up your internet. To check the strength, look at the signal bars on your phone's top bar or go for an internet speed test.
    If the network strength is low, move to an area or closer to any door or window where the signal is stronger.
  2. Clear Background Apps
    Apps running in the background consume the data, processing power and internet speed.
    Clear or disable the background apps to stop them from affecting the internet speed, especially the ones that fetch online data.
    To disable the background app go to Settings> Disable the unnecessary background apps.
  3. Update Operating System and Apps
    Outdated operating systems and apps have poor compatibility and performance bugs that affect the speed of the internet. Keep your software and apps up to date to ensure that they perform better at foll speed.
    Moreover, it enhances the overall performance of the phone.
  4. Clearance of Cache and Cookies
    Cache is temporary storage where the frequently accessed data of your phone is stored which can slow down the internet speed. Apps cache and browser cache both affect the speed.
    To increase mobile internet speed, clear the app and browser app frequently.
    To clear the App cache go to Settings> Apps> (App Name) > Storage > Clear Cache. To clear browser cache go to Settings > Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Enable Data Saving Mode
    Many mobile browsers offer data-saving modes that compress web pages and reduce the amount of data transferred, resolting in faster loading times.
    Enable the data saving mode by going to Settings> Network & Internet > Data usage > Data Saver.
  6. Use a Fast Browser
    Use a browser that is compatible with your mobile as it directly affects the internet speed.
    Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox receive continuous updates and enhance the performance of your mobile.
    Keep experimenting with different browsers and choose the one that is suitable for your Android system.
  7. Disable Auto Updates
    App and operating system upgrade is necessary to maintain the speed. However, if you have a limited data plan it can affect the internet speed giving a frustrating experience.
    How to increase wifi speed in Android mobile? Disable the auto-update for apps and update them when you have unlimited access to the internet. To disable the auto-update, go to Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps.
  8. Restrict Image loading
    Disable the automatic image loading as it affects the speed in the low connectivity area.
    Go for the manual mode to download or upload images to save the data and enhance the speed.
  9. Enable Data Compression
    Certain web browsers have an advanced feature known as data compression.
    This trick minimises the data transfer, resolting in speedier loading times.
    Opera Mini, a widely recognized browser, excels in this area by offering top-notch data compression capabilities.
    This means you can surf the web even when dealing with slower internet connections.


Low-speed internet is something that we are not habitual of now. Even after having a high connectivity area numerous factors can speed down the internet in your mobile. Having Mach 1 Broadband is essential for stable connectivity, but keeping your mobile apps and operating system data usage in check saves you from the frustration of slow browsing. Hope, the above tricks and tips will help you to keep the internet connectivity in check.

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