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Terms & Conditions:

  • The Referral Scheme offer is valid only for existing Active Subscribers (Referred to as "Referrer Subscriber") who are currently availing of Mach1 Broadband Internet Services and does not apply to our SME customers.
  • The Referrer Subscriber is entitled to refer any number of new customers (hereinafter referred as "Referred Subscriber") for Mach1 Broadband, however the Referral benefit shall be conferred only once per customer.
  • The Referral benefit is given to the Referral Subscriber in the form of ₹ 300/- discount on the next bill/recharge of the subscribed plan. This is regardless of whether the user is on a monthly plan or a fixed-term plan of 6 months or 12 months.
  • The user would be eligible for a Referral benefit if the reference is made through the Mach1 Broadband Mobile APP or website.
  • This plan shall apply only when the Referrer Subscriber at the time of making the referral does not have any dues payable to Mach1 Broadband in his Account.
  • The Referrer Subscriber is free to refer any subscriber where Mach1 Broadband is currently functional and is providing internet broadband services.
  • The Referral Scheme may be changed/ modified/ altered/ withdrawn at the discretion of Mach1 Broadband anytime without any prior notice.
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