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I had requested for Mach1 Broadband connection through your website, when will I get it delivered? icon

After registration done we will confirm the feasibility within 2 Days for Mach1 broadband connection at your location.

how to contact Mach1 Broadband for new broadband connection ? icon

I need to pay any additional installation charges for Mach1 broadband fiber services? icon

Broadband Information

Why is Mach1 broadband best for home? icon

The Mach1 Broadband employs the most modern broadband technology called FTTH connectivity with the fiber optic connectivity with speed up to 1 Gbps with unlimited data. The Mach1 broadband fiber connections also come with their free to use dual band routers, unlimited STD and local calls and unlocks offers such as Zee5, Sony liv etc. Also Mach1 Broadband provide 24*7 desk support and provides a Complete secured network.

How is Mach1 Fiber connection better than the regular broadband connection? icon

What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology in Mach1 Broadband? icon

How to get connect with service executive? icon

OTT Plans

For the selected Mach1 OTT plan, can I watch the contents in any other device? icon

Yes. You can watch the contents on any OTT Support Devices. You need to do is login to devices with your credential which is provided by Mach1 broadband and watch content on the device of your preference. (Please note device restriction may apply for some of the OTT services)

How do I access OTT Apps on other Devices (Mobile/Tablet/Laptop) using Mach1 OTT Subscription? icon

How can you renew your OTT plan? icon

What happens if I get a new OTT plan while I already have one? icon

Plans & Payment Query

Which type of service you provide, prepaid or postpaid? icon

Mach1 Broadband providing prepaid services only.

Is there a fair usage policy? Will my internet speed be downgraded during the month? icon

I’m trying to pay for a renewal / I’m getting a new connection but I see the effective price more than the price indicated against the plan on your website. icon

If I do change my prepaid plan after expiry, what additional payments will be required? icon

What amount will I have to pay if I change my plan before expiry of Current Plan? icon

How do I get an invoice of payment generated at the time of Installation? icon

How can I make the payment of my Mach1 broadband connection? icon

How to recharge my Mach1 account via Mach1 broadband App and User Portal? icon


Can I apply for a dual band router and what are the charges for the same? icon

You can get an free to use dual band Router just by paying security deposit of Rs.2000/-. To place a request, reach out to our customer support by dialing 92226 92226 or Message us on whats app number 92226 92226 and select the "Other" option. Our customer support team will fix an appointment for you with our Home Care Engineer at your registered location to deliver and install the dual band router.

Which is the recommended Wi-Fi router for Mach1 broadband connection? icon

Does Mach1 provide a router with a new connection? icon

Internet Issues

I am not able to connect my Mach1 broadband Fiber connection. What do I do? icon

Please make sure your device is connected to the Mach1 Broadband connection and has an active plan. Check if the Wi-Fi router is turned ON and the LED colour is stable green (Be sure that the correct SSID ‘Wi-Fi ID’ is selected and the correct password is entered).

a. Check your Wi-Fi signal strength and in case of a poor signal (1 or 2 bars), move your device closer to the Wi-Fi router and then check again.

b. In case you are connected to your office VPN, try disconnecting VPN and then reconnect.

c. In case you are using a third-party router, ensure you are connected to the correct SSID (Wi-Fi ID) and the third-party router is getting internet connectivity from Mach1 Broadband.

d. If it doesn’t work, try disconnecting the third-party router and reconnecting directly to Your available device ( Laptop/PC)

e. If the issue still persists, switch off the Wi-Fi router (Wait for 30 seconds then switch it ON again and wait for it to restart. It takes around 2-3 minutes).

Will I get the maximum broadband speed promised in the plan? icon

Will the promised speed be consistent, no matter where I browse? icon


How many voice (landline) connections can I get with Mach1 Broadband account? icon

You will get only one voice (landline) connection with each Mach1 broadband account.

Will I receive landline/telephone/handset/receiver with the broadband router? icon

Change Details

.How do I change my profile details such as Email ID, Registered Mobile Number, from user portal? icon

For change the profile details, Using the Customer Portal:

Visit, log in with your Mach1 broadband User ID and Password to proceed further. Click on your name which shows at upper right side, Then you can change the details.

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